At Produce Bio Pak LLC, we provide technical services to our customers who are designing new products, looking for storage facilities and delivery systems. We provide services that create a good supply and delivery system that help our customers meet

all the quality and marketing requirements of your customers. We are not just a sustainable packaging company, we offer fulfillment solutions that can support your supply chain without any extra charge.

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing, creating, and printing a product’s packaging before it pops up on the retailer’s shelf? Most retailer looking for shopping bags, molded pulp containers don’t have the on-site resources or personnel to handle these tasks, which is why they outsource these responsibilities to Produce Bio Pak LLC.

If you want to focus more heavily on sales and marketing of your company’s final products and prefer to outsource all packaging aspects to Produce Bio Pak LLC, rest assured you are at the right place. In addition to sustainable packaging solutions listed above, we also utilize our multiple third-party warehouse spaces for product storage, fulfillment and distribution throughout the country.

Produce Bio Pak LLC offers a wide range of options when it comes to food-service packaging. Our primary offerings include recycle paper products, food-service cartons, shopping bags, suit bags, bridal bags, string handle bags, molded pulp containers for fast-food restaurants and pouches. Your packaging can be customized based on height, width, utility, tear notch, date coding, flexibility, sealing and more.

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