At Express Green Pak LLC we help design artworks and layouts for our customers to stand out from the competition.

Picture this: you’ve done your market research, found an audience, developed a great product, and built a solid marketing plan to get the word out. There’s just one problem – your product is being sold in a plain cardboard box and, in a crowded marketplace.

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is with compelling sustainable packaging design which is admired and respected by mostly millennials. The world has changed and if you don’t spend the appropriate time thinking through how your product packaging looks, you are risking more than just immediate sales.

A consumer’s perception of your brand is strongly influenced by your packaging and something that is poorly designed or confusing can leave a strong and lasting negative impression that’s hard to shake.

Fortunately, with the help ofour great designers,you can develop product packaging that represents your brand well and makes a positive impression on consumers. Below are five key factors we use at Express Green Pak LLC to help you develop packaging design that stands out.

1. We focus on what matters to your customers.

A recent consumer survey found out that 60 percent of shoppers unlikely to buy a productif the label doesn’t provide enough information. On the flip side, if you put too much information on it, your design will end up cluttered and confusing.

The key is to focus on the information that matters to customers and that means prioritizing. When working with your designer, make sure to have a clear idea of what information is most important. Is there a unique product claim that you simply must feature or a particular ingredient that deserves special attention? You may find that as you go through design options, the information you thought was important changes.

2. We submit multiple options to our customers.

Because packaging and its design features are such important components of how a consumer experiences your brand, it’s not something that you should settle on easily. We at Express Green Pak LLC send out multiple artworks to our customers so they can decide which one is best for their consumers.

We advise our customers to use sustainable materials to stand out and something that is increasingly important to consumers. According to research commissioned by Asia Pulp & Paper, more than half of Americans consider packaging waste to be a serious environmental issue and millennials hate plastic packaging.

3. We advise our customers to be clear and consistent with brand message.

You don’t have to literally tell a story in your packaging – though some companies have had great success incorporating humorous or compelling narratives into their artworks and designs – but your product should say something meaningful about your brand. In keeping with the first tip, you should prioritize the information that matters, but make sure that it’s all working cohesively together.

From your logo to the colors you use, the choices you make in your package design we work with their consumers and find out what matters to them and incorporate in the brand.

4. Find out what packaging your competitors are using.

Think of the thousands of different shopping bags you see on the same street your store is located. If you are a bridal store, how do they stand out from each other? What catches your eye as you’re walking down the street where other bridal stores are located? You should do this same exercise when considering your own brand’s bridal bags which serves as packaging.

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